Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Truly be YOU. I wanted to start my blog in very simple place - being YOU.
Looking back at the last few years of my life being me and excepting who I am has made me feel fulfilled. If I were to categorize being YOU, there would be three buckets, lets say..1) Know who you are 2) Live who you are 3) Own who you are.
Knowing who you are can take some time. What do you believe in, morally, ethically, religiously and so on. What I have found, is knowing who I am doesn't not fall under just one umbrella. I am a person who carries many umbrellas, and I am okay with that. An example that I personally have is I am a very Conservative person. Yet, when looking at my family - it is not a conventional family. I don't feel marriage is necessarily right for me. I am very spiritual, but think very little of religion. That is what makes us such beautiful, colorful people. Knowing who you are and embracing it is the key to happiness.
Live who you are is something I work on every single day. I think about "living who I am" from the second I get out of bed in the morning, to the second I fall asleep. It is something that takes work. In one word, I would say I want to live a Positive life. I want to think positive, live positive and teach positive. I would challenge you to live who you are. It is contagious. You can make a difference in other peoples life buy choosing to live positive.
Owning who you are is being YOU. Not every person is cut out of the same cloth. Not all of us choose the same paths. Not all of us dream the same dreams. But understanding who you really are and living who you are will let you own who you are. Keep you head up and learn to love all of you. No one is perfect.... embrace YOU!!

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